Self-proclaimed follower of the philosophy of radical pragmatism, Eduardo J. Umaña is a practical professional, results oriented, and one who believes that life is a continuous process of improvement.

In recent years, Eduardo has been busy doing work as strategic planner in marketing for advertising and digital media. Focused on delivering value to both clients and partners through Services as a Products (SaaP) and creative content.

Throughout this process he has been guided by a pragmatic work ethic without losing sight of what’s possible.

It all started after earning a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) with a specialization in Business Finance. Eduardo decided to focus on his newfound passion for marketing and advertising after he landed a job a columnist for MÁS REINO UNIDO newspaper. Said newspaper decided to hire him based only on the content of his personal blog and not on his academic credentials or work experience.

This notion changed how he view life, forever.

The experience confirmed that the world had changed. Thanks to the internet of things our planet no longer has gatekeepers and now, the future belongs to the people who decide to create.

After a time working as a writer and content creator on digital media, Eduardo began working in an advertising agency as a content editor in digital media and, eventually, as a producer of multimedia content for inbound marketing campaigns, digital marketing and advertising.

In recent years he has gained and developed experience as a copywriter, working with multidisciplinary teams and even as a communicator. One of his greatest satisfactions was being the host and producer of a podcast.


Before entering the world of content creation and marketing, Eduardo worked as a freelance contractor and prior to that as a Jr. Structural Engineer in a design office.

A Civil Engineer by profession, Eduardo practiced as an engineer for more than five years before deciding to change the course of his career in order to pursue his true passions.

In his time working as an engineer he had the opportunity to exercise his analytical skills, project planning and execution, and gain experience in quality control.

Although his days as an engineer are behind him, the experience obtained in those formative years allowed him to gain unique skills that not all people working on strategic marketing and communications do not possess.





Soy ingeniero pero puedo escribir.

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